Community Comes Together In Time Of Tragedy

While the city of Arp may seem small--Deanna Thorndyke knows the heart of this sleepy community is filled with immeasurable love. This week, her husband Raymond died from a heart attack while driving home from work. At first she felt lost, left alone with four children...the family already struggled to make ends meet. "Then the community started coming to me...there's really no way of describing it," Deanna Explains. "Because without friends like this a person can't make it through a time like this."

With no way to pay for a funeral or feed her children... Arp residents knew they had to help. "They're young and they find out social security is not going to help them with any income and you think, what would you want done for yourself," Explains Theresa Jones. Arp teachers, like Theresa decided to reach into their own pockets to help. Between the three Arp schools and scores of compassionate people--over $15 hundred dollars has been raised.

Dr. Ron Sterling says the people of Arp thrive in tough times, "It has a sense of giving back always and they come to the rescue too often when situation like this come up."

If you'd like to help the Thorndyke family, a fund has been set up at the Arp State Bank. That number is 903-859-2211.