More Than 200 Animals Found At Marshall Home

From lizards, to pigs, to miniature horses, SPCA workers discovered what they call a zoo at an East Texas home and end up rescuing more than 200 animals.  A neighbors complaint led Harrison County Deputies and the SPCA to a mobile home on FM 1997, Friday, just North of Marshall.  When authorities got there they found a menagerie of animals.

"Pinning a large amount of animals up in a small area, I just can't see how anybody can do that," said area neighbor Tim Burton.  It was a zoo.  There were 69 dogs, seven horses, guinea pigs, 16 rabbits, hamsters, mice, birds, goats and more.  The home even had hissing cockroaches and a cCntral American coatimundi.  Most of the animals were malnourished and kept in small filthy cages.

"Dogs are very, very skinny," said SPCA Communications Director Maura Davies.  "Many of the animals are missing hair.  There's also an aspect of cruel confinement issue here."  One neighbor says the family was good hearted, and often took in stray dogs to take care of them, but she didn't expect this.

"I think it's really sad because I am an animal lover, and I would never do that to an animal," said area resident Bethany Craver.  The news of the rescue, had many area neighbors shaking their heads in disbelief.

"Well, that's ridiculous," said Burton.  "That's just, I mean we have facilities in town if you have a lot of animals and you can't take care of them, can't feed them.  You can take them in town to the humane society, and they'll take care of them, or find help for you."  What they were doing with so many animals, is what investigators are now trying to figure out.

All of the animals are now at an SPCA shelter near Dallas.  The Harrison County District Attorney's Office will now decide if any charges will be filed against the husband and wife that live at the mobile home.  A hearing on the case is set for Tuesday.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.