Curious Cat Finds Child Pornography

Curiosity helped a cat sniff out a hidden stash of child pornography.  Now, police in Austin say they've tracked down and charged the man who owned it.  Sophie the cat discovered hidden DVD's in an Austin Apartment that had girls under the age of 12 performing sexual acts with adult men.  Austin police were then able to track down the man who owned the porn, Luis Jimenez, through an e-mail address provided to the apartment complex.  Police credit Sophie and her owner for helping them make the arrest and not just throwing the DVD's away.

"Sophie was up there, digging around, and I thought at first maybe she had poison, or a rat trap, or something, and so my friend got up there and stuck his hands underneath and pulled out a stack of seven DVD's," said Sophie's owner Amy Spencer.

"This was an unusually large amount," said Austin Police Sergeant Patrick Cochran.  "Normally, you find some on the computer, or something like that, but to have six full DVD's, I mean it's pretty outrageous stuff that's on them.  It's not teenage stuff.  We're talking about, like, a 5-year old girl on one and stuff like that."  Jimenez was charged with possession of child pornography, which could land him behind bars for up to 10 years.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.