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Freedom Fighters: Wilbur Tomlin

Wilbur Tomlin can trace his family's military service to our country back to th American Revolution. But it would be hard to any of their stories to compare to Tomlin's experiences in World War Two.

Tomlin arrived in France in June of 1944. As he and other soldiers were securing a lumber yard, a mortar shell hit a pile of lumber next to Tomlin wounding him. He didn't regain consciousness for twenty four hours.

After a month's recuperation, Tomlin rejoined his group in Germany where he was taken prisoner and detained for three months. Food was so scarce, he lost forty pounds during that time. In May the camp was freed by the Russian Army but since no food was available, Tomlin and two other soldiers decided to make their way back to the American Army, forging for food as they went.

When Tomlin returned home, he found out that his family had been told he was dead an had even held a memorial service for him. You can imagine the surprise and excitement at his safe return.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting

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