East Texas Daycare Fires Back To Abuse Allegations

"To think that that teacher would not care for the child is just ridiculous," said Karen Bender, Creative Kids Co-owner.

Creative Kids Learning Center said their workers did nothing wrong and that the situation concerning Caden Sharp was made worse by his mother's lack of self-control.

"She was very irate," said Jan Johnson, Creative Kids Director.  "Very irate and screaming, yelling."

"For her to lay in to this teacher so bad that the teacher was crying, and the child was fine until all that happened," said Bender.

Sharp told us she wasn't acting any differently than a normal parent would to defend her child. She said she found her 3-year old son covered in dry feces and a teacher yelling at him. Yet the daycare says the toddler soiled his pants on the playground and the teacher was asking him to clean-up.

"The teacher was doing her best to get him into the bathroom and when he took his pants down, he came out and said 'look what I did' to the teacher," said Bender.  "She's in the midst of trying to help everyone else get their jackets off and get everything where it should be. She says 'go back in the bathroom' and that happens to be the point where the parent came in and just lost control."

This incident isn't the first against Creative Kids to be filed with the state. In November, we told you about a 19-month old who suffered a bloodied, bruised eye. Creative Kids said it happened when another child pulled him off a table. The state investigated and found the teacher, who we learned is still employed, was not found to be at fault. Although, the state says another employee was let go after reportedly "yelling at a child" on an incident December 3rd. As for this latest case with Caden Sharp, the state confirmed their investigation is still on-going. Some parents feel a few incidents have put the daycare in a bad light that they don't deserve.

"I have 3 boys and have been going here for 4 years and I've never had any problems with them," said Elisha Larsen, mother.  "Anytime anything little happens they always call me and let me know. The kids love the teachers; all of the teachers are super nice."

"My experience has always been excellent," said Samantha Reeves, mother.  "My twin boys have been going here since they were 9 weeks old."

So for now, both Sharp and Creative Kids will have to wait for the state's final word. The state said the investigation should be complete by the end of next week. We will keep you updated.

Courtney lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com