Northern Counties Get Freezing Rain

It was an adventure in driving for motorists in our northern counties this morning, as freezing rain made driving tough. From Pittsburg to Mount Vernon, the weather had some East Texans on edge.

As the blustery morning started, the freezing rain began to fall early in Camp, Titus and Franklin counties.

There were several reports of small patches of ice on I-30 near Mount Vernon, and drivers were treading lightly, hoping it didn't get worse.

"We've been having a lot of people coming through wiping their windshields. Weather is really bad. It's raining ands getting ice," said Mount Pleasant resident Angela Sandobal.

But the roads weren't the most serious problems for motorists. It was ice that had formed all over the windshield and windshield wipers, and many motorists had to stop and clean it off before they could continue. A soldier coming home from Arizona got caught in the weather.

"About 200 miles past El Paso, that's when it started raining and freezing rain and the roads were getting slick. Bridges, too," said Army Specialist Jeremy Boyd.

With temperatures hovering around freezing, sleet fell for several hours. Some in Mount Pleasant, who lived only blocks away from work, worried if they could get home.

"There is a bridge, and we have to go very slow right there because of the ice" Sandobal said.

Luckily, there were no major accidents reported in those areas this morning.

Bob Hallmark reporting.