Dog Found Starving And With Broken Leg

A shocking case of suspected animal abuse and neglect discovered by animal control officers in Longview, as a starved and injured dog is brought to the Humane Society of Northeast Texas.

"Its very heartbreaking to see animals like this. They don't ask for it and, unfortunately, we see it way too often," said Humane Society of Northeast Texas worker Justin Allred.

Animal control officers picked up the dog at a Longview neighborhood after a tip. It was malnourished and with a broken back leg.

"The animal is very thin. You can see his ribs. [You can] feel its ribs just by laying your hands on its side, and [you can see] the obvious injury to the back leg," said officer Cris Kemper of Longview animal control.

A vet's x-ray shows the break could be several weeks old. The animal's leg is so badly broken that its being sent to an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas to try to save the leg. But it's possible it could be amputated.

"In cases where it appears that an animal or animals have not been given adequate medical care, we would go in deeper to see if there were deliberate attempts to keep that animal from getting that care," said Longview Environmental Health Department Director Buck Farrar.

The non-profit group Partnership For Pets stepped in to send Lucky to a Dallas surgeon.

"Of course were shocked and horrified when a dog has been abused, we were fortunate to be able to take the dog from the shelter," said Partners For Pets member Dr. Angie Patton.

Officers are now investigating how the dog was injured, if it was neglected or abused and possibly seek more serious charges.

We heard from the Dallas veterinarians today who told us they expect to save Lucky's leg. Lucky is being nursed back to health now so it will be strong enough for surgery.

Bob Hallmark reporting.