East Texas Day Care Under Investigation

"I was extremely mad."

On January 9th, Patricia Sharp went to pick up her 3 year old son Cadan from day care. But it was the condition she found him in at "Creative Kids Learning Center" in Tyler, that Sharp said made her skin crawl.

"When he came around the corner he had his pants down to his knees crying and poop everywhere," said Sharp.  "I mean from his neck down to his belly-button."

Sharp said the day care worker in charge refused to help her son.

"He was in the bathroom where she had sent him to and he was coming out cause he needed her help, cause I mean it was everywhere.  And she was sitting, if she'd been taking care of another child it'd be one thing but she wasn't. She was sitting on the edge of a table on the other end of the room just screaming at my child to get back in the bathroom."

This isn't the first complaint against "Creative Kids." In November, we told you about a 19-month old who was injured there, his right eye bruised, bloody, and swollen. About this incident, "Creative Kids" told us the baby was pulled off a table by another child. The state investigated the case and says the worker responsible is no longer employed.

"It doesn't matter how much investigation you do because the employees change too often," said Sharp.

Sharp said after getting no help from Creative Kids, she cleaned Cadan, changed his clothes, and after they left she never brought him back.

"I've been dealing with day cares for 10 years and I've never had a problem where I thought my child was absolutely being neglected, much less abused or exploited."

While the state investigates, little Cadan has since joined another day care where his mother said he's very happy.

Now, while we were preparing our report on the little boys eye injury in November, we tried repeatedly to talk with the management or owners of "Creative Kids."

We were denied access and an on-camera comment, and were only provided with a last minute statement describing how they strive to provide children with a safe environment.

Again, as we investigated this most recent incident, we gave "Creative Kids" several days to respond to these allegations.

This time, we were refused any communication at all, until late Thursday night.

"Creative Kids" owner Gary Bender chose to make contact.

Mr. Bender called, saying the state investigators are lying when they say the investigation into Mrs. Sharp's complaint is not complete, giving KLTV 7 paperwork he says proves the investigation is closed.

Bender also says the state is lying when they say the employee involved in the first reported incident that led to the little boy's eye injury, has been let go.

Bender says that employee still works for him today.

He also says the mother involved in this most recent investigation became verbally abusive, to the point other parents remained at the center to make sure his workers were not in any danger.

Bender provided us with numerous documents he says back up his claims.

We will be taking those to state investigators, and hope to have an update on KLTV 7 News.

You can look at a report card, of sorts, for days cares across East Texas. It's available on the state's Family and Protective Services website. To see it, just look under "Know More on 7."

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com