Two Restaurants Get The Blue Ribbon

When it comes to tacos, quesadillas, and enchiladas, the folks at Taqueria El Lugar on East Gentry in Tyler said their's are the best in East Texas.  But it's not the just the food at El Lugar that keeps customers coming back.  It's also their record with the health inspector.  And that's why, Thursday, they were awarded a KLTV Blue Ribbon Award.

"We've been here 17 years and this is our first award," said Sonia Ordorica, the manager at El Lugar.  Sonia's parents own the restaurant, and as manager, she said cleanliness is what keeps her restaurant full.  "The customers like it because they see how we prepare our food," she said.

The same can be said for our second Blue Ribbon Award winner.  Where Troup meets the Loop in Tyler, Cici's Pizza has set a new standard.

"In 13 years that we've been here in Tyler, this is our third, so it's an honor to receive it," said Bob Westbrook, the franchise owner.

Thursday, KLTV awarded blue ribbon number three to Cici's Pizza for its consistently high marks from health inspectors.  It's cleanliness the management said is simply, business as usual.  "It's something you have to do everyday," said Randy Scoggins, the general manager.  "It's kind of like practice for a football game.  It's an everyday occurrence.

It's their third win, proving that it takes an entire team of people of people to keep things neat and tidy, and the customers coming back for more.

Layron Livingston, Reporting