Police Convinced There Are 2 South Tyler Attackers

Neighborhood crime watchers are trying to help Tyler Police now that they have a new piece of the puzzle in the attacks against South Tyler women.
   Thursday, police released a sketch for the first time of a man they think is responsible for an attempted sexual assault on April 8th.

The latest is a sketch of the suspect responsible for the attack on a victim at the Autumn Glen Apartments on Hollytree drive.

The victim helped the artist come up with the drawing. You might remember there was some speculation that police were looking for one suspect ,not two, because of a rape on Wimbledon Drive six days later.

But now, police are more convinced than ever, they're looking for two suspects because the physical descriptions and sketches, produced with the victims' help, are so different.

"Because the crimes were committed so different, the motivations were so different, when you review all of the details, so we are confident that there are two different suspects," says Detective Gregg Roberts.

Newly organized, South Tyler crime watchers aren't wasting any time getting the word out about the new police sketch. They're doing their part to get the South Tyler attackers off the streets.

"We want to inform people so they can be on the look out so they can protect themselves," says Lisa. That is what people want."

This neighbor took Tyler police's challenge seriously to help keep their streets safe at the risk of being a nosey neighbor.

"Knowledge is power, if we know our neighbors, if we know what to do when we see a bad situation. That kind of knowledge can replace fear and give us our power, give us our community back," says Lisa.

Crime watch officer James McCraw is helping South Tyler take their neighborhood back. Arming them with the latest information about the attacks, but says he can't do it alone.

"With all this information we can get it out a lot more rapidly with block captains," says McCraw. "They can do it throughout the day."

None of Lisa's steps will be in vane, if at least one neighbor, gets on board to help watch out for their fellow neighbors.