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A Better East Texas: Sex Offender Registry

A teenage boy recently introduced a man to a teenage friend of his. Almost immediately this man worked hard to position himself as the father the boy he never had. He told the boy he loved him like a son and would do anything for him. He even went to the boy's single mother and offered to teach her son to drive a stick shift, she said yes. But when he told the boy's mother he had a photographer friend in another state that would be interested in taking pictures of her son for a possible modeling contract, she became suspicious. So, she pulled up her states Registry of Sex Offenders on the web.

There - plain as day - was a photo of the man who had become so close to her son. Fortunately for her, she was able to act before it was too late. There are 273 registered sex offenders in the area covered by the KLTV signal.

You may be interested to know the State of Texas provides sex offender information on the Internet to anyone who wants to know.

It's free and can help you keep your children safe and make this A Better East Texas.

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