Your Nursing Home Is Just A Click Away

Jill Weeks wanted to find the perfect place for her father, Fletcher to spend his golden years. A decision she knew had consequences, "Whether there going to live longer and happier or shorter and painful," she explains.

Jill found a medicare website comparing all the nursing homes in Jacksonville. The site lists results, good and bad, from recent state inspections. Jill says it's a weapon for tough questions, "You go into a nursing home and know what to ask because you can say, 'I saw this and I'd like to ask you about this'."

Jill was able to find information like how many patients have bed sores, how many have unplanned weight loss or weight gain and most importantly--what the nursing home failed to do in their last inspection. For example, Jill found that Jacksonville's Gardendale rehabilitation had 30 deficiencies compared to only 7 at Jacksonville Healthcare Center.

Robert Norris works at Twin Oaks Health and Rehabilitation, encouraging potential residents to use the website as a blueprint for knowledge and accountability. "They need to see that people are making the changes to do the right things," Robert stresses. "If they have a deficiency and they continue to be deficient then obviously there's more going on than just right there in the immediate home."

The comparison is available for all medicare participating homes broken down by state, county and city. For more information go to and click on the nursing home comparison section.