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08/06/08 -Tyler

Gift of Love: Romelo And Shakyra

A big grin reveals several missing teeth as 9 year old Romelo waits patiently to see his sister. They are split up in different Texas foster homes.

Finally, 7 year old Shakyra arrives.  He quickly welcomes his sister whom he only gets to see about every six months. "That's not really what I like but when I see him I really like to be with him. I love my brother," says Shakyra. Romelo adds, "It's not so good for me. I like to see my sister everyday."

These siblings truly like spending time together. In fact, they wouldn't play a game if they couldn't play together.  "They always ask about each other on visits and it would just be better if they could be together and see each other and have that bond," explains Jennifer Hayes their caseworker with Child Protective Services.

Romelo and Shkyra were removed from their home more than two years ago because of neglect but they are resilient, hoping their lives will soon be back on track.

Shakyra is outgoing, polite, likes to do chores and when she grows up, wants to be a teacher. "I do good in school. I haven't had a hole punch and I'm on the A/B honor roll."

And, she's honest. I asked her, "Do you ever get in trouble?" Without hesitation she answers, "Sometimes, but not a lot."

Shakyra also likes to be in charge of her bother.  He says, "She likes to boss me around."

But that doesn't stop him from being the big brother.  Jennifer says, "He's real protective of her. He always has his arm around her or patting her on the back and just following her around and making sure she's O.K. and then she sasses at him and he takes it. So they are typical brother sister."

This young boy wants to be a policeman when he grows up but for now, he's happy just playing sports. "I like football. I play football."

Romelo is in the third grade. Because of a delay, he will need some extra attention. "He needs someone who is patient that will work with him and help him with his school work and help him through school," says Jennifer.

They enjoy the time they have together, hoping the next visit won't be too far away.  Two loving sibling, waiting to share the Gift of Love. Jennifer says, "They would be a great set of kids to have!"

For more about Romelo and Shakyra call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, Reporting 

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