Longview Man Wins $77,777 On A Texas Lottery Scratch-off Ticket

A Longview man is feeling a lot better about life and finances Today, thanks to the number 7.

When Wayne Ashley made his regular morning stop at the "Lone Star No. 3 Valero" on Bill Owens Parkway Tuesday, he got something he wasn't prepared for. He played the scratch-off lottery and came up a winner. His pay-off, $77,777.

What did he do next? Naturally, he spoke with KLTV 7. "I just couldn't believe it. I had to look at the lottery ticket two or three times. I brought it back in the store and let the ladies check it out, and I almost didn't get it back," Wayne also told KLTV 7 "it's not too bad for a guy who woke up that morning with $30 in his checking account."

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com