Smokers And Restaurants Sound Off On The Impact Of Longview's Smoking Ban

"Jo's grill" is the only restaurant in Longview, that doesn't allow anyone under 18 to enter, because it's a smoking facility. Even though the," No one under 18 allowed" sign is posted on the door, Jo's Grill says customers still don't believe them "They curse you and they have fits. They think it's a joke. I'm serious. They think it a joke!," said waitress, Robbie Strickland. "I've had my grand kids and we had to go somewhere else and eat, because we couldn't bring them in here," Jo's Grill customer, Rocky Adkins.

Next door to "Jo's Grill" is "Dudley's Cajun Cafe. They says since the smoking ban they've been turning more tables, which is good news for their business. "We didn't loose any of the smokers who like to eat Cajun food. They still come in here, but now they eat and when they want a cigarette, they get up and leave which gives us a table again,"said Dudley's Cajun cafe owner, Dudley Lang. "Joe's Pizza, Subs, and Pasta" is an authentic Italian restaurant and they say the smoking ban doesn't effect them at all. "Smoking or no smoking it has nothing to do with us. We've been smoke free since day one. Why fix something that's not broken?," said manager, Paulie Bauta. Smoking or no smoking--the smokers we talked to said since they can't light it up in banned places, they chose to take their business elsewhere "I chose to smoke so, I ought to be able to go somewhere and sit down where I want to eat and smoke," said Adkins. "We stay  and eat at the house more, because you go to a place that you can't do what you normally do, then why visit the establishment," said smoker Pamela Bruce. Whether you smoke or don't smoke, the smoking ban in Longview has had several impacts, but for smokers, they say when it comes to smoking "common courtesy"goes a long way "You don't want to smell my smoke. I'm not going to blow it in your face. But, non-smokers need to respect us to," said Bruce.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting.