7 On Your Side: What Happened To Stolen Laptops?

These victims came to us saying they purchased Dell laptop computers for loved ones.  Brian Mullins ordered his online last November.  "For $1,433," says Brian.

Carolyn Braud purchased two for her daughters last month. "They told me it would be here by Christmas.  I ordered them December the 10th," Carolyn recalls.

They're two unrelated cases that had the same outcome: the laptops never arrived from the shipping company, DHL.

Carolyn says she later learned they were stolen!

"The manager searched for 45 minutes looking for the computers, never could find them. Then conceded somewhat they might have been taken from that facility," says Carolyn.

But it gets worse.  Even after re-ordering the computers more than once, when the laptops would arrive at the Tyler DHL location, they came up missing.

"I ordered four times, three of them never got delivered to me. I was told there was a problem in the hub, it was an inside job.  Someone was stealing them, " says Brian.

These victims contacted us for answers so 7 On Your Side contacted DHL.  The company did in fact confirm there was a problem and has since taken action.

DHL says,"There was an issue with an independent contractor that was performing pickup and delivery in the local area. [We hired] a new contracting company for Tyler and surrounding areas with an excellent track record for service."

As for Brian, he finally received his laptop last week.

"I am so ecstatic that I finally have this done. But I feel bad that there are other people suffering this too," says Brian shuffling his paperwork.

Carolyn is still waiting on hers---but now that DHL has changed contractors---she's hopeful her re-order will arrive as scheduled.

I'm not really out of any money, just frustration, time and calls and disappointment for my daughter," says Carolyn.

The latest word from Dell is that Carolyn's computer will arrive this Wednesday.

So we'll be following up to make sure that happens. Meanwhile, DHL says it has been contacting customers to make them aware of their internal changes.

Christine Nelson, Reporting cnelson@kltv.com