String Of Overnight Car Burglaries

Today is "Blue Monday" - officially the most depressing working day of the year. The mix of post-christmas debt, no money, miserable weather and lack of motivation is enough to give anyone the monday morning blues. But some East Texans went from blue to red in the face.

Police are calling it a string of car burglaries. Nearly twelve reports of theft spread out across town, and three more where an alarm or someone came out scaring them off.

Across Tyler, several people woke up find something outside to make them feel blue.

"I actually got up this morning and went into my office and had an answering machine call. I thought it was a client calling for a job but it was actually someone telling me that my trucks had gotten broken into," said Terry Nick, "This is the second time I have had my truck broken into in front of my house in six months."

Two brand new stereos were taken from the trucks, but the thieves did leave something behind.

"This morning to my surprise when I looked in the truck cleaning up the glass there was a purse sitting there," said Nick.

Just a block away on 5th street they hit again just after 3 a.m. Charles Bragg was still awake.

"Two mexican people in a truck pulled up and we were sitting on the couch and I heard the big ole bang. So I ran outside and one of them had the passenger door open and the other one jumped in and went toward Broadway" said Bragg, "The passenger window got busted all the way out and nothing else. They didn't get a chance to get anything else."

Tyler Police say the reports starting coming in at midnight from all over the city, totaling about 12 incidents.

"This is a rather large number for over night. We do have a holiday today, it could have been kids out of school," said Sgt. Jerald Riddle, Tyler Police, "Several chevy picks several Dodge pickups then we had a Honda and a couple another cars. No specific model or make. Most of them they were getting a car stereo, that had a face plate on it. It's just something that is easy to pull out of the dash."

Until the thieves are caught, Police suggest hiding your stereo face, keeping your valuables out of sight, and parking anywhere but on the street.

Two hispanic males were seen driving a four door F-150 either white or light gray. If you have any information please call Tyler Police.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.