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A Better East Texas: Drivers License Renewal

From time to time, we all have to do things we just don't want to do. For me, it's getting my driver's license renewed.

I've been told there are options for making it easy, like renewing online. But it seems like there is always some kind of glitch, some reason that you just have to complete this process in person.

Now, I am all for abiding by the law, and realize the importance of having a valid license. But why is renewing one more complicated than refinancing your home? After years of hearing me complain about it, my son recently had the pleasure of experiencing a day at the DMV. He patiently waited in line, thinking things didn't seem so bad. Until he realized this line was just to get a number.

Once he got his number, he was herded with the rest of the crowd into a waiting area. They all stood in frustration, as only two clerks, obviously not happy to be there either, slowly helped each number. My son was one of the lucky ones who actually got his license renewed that day. He wasn't sent home to get more paperwork or to the eye doctor for a new prescription. All of those people get to go back again, take a number, and hope that the two clerks determining their fate had their morning coffee.

 And to think, some people believe the government should run our healthcare system. I just hope they build really big waiting rooms.

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