Lindale Couple Confesses Drug Habit Led to Crime Spree

The life of a two year-old little girl was at stake Tuesday when Smith County Sheriff's chased a Lindale pair suspected in a stealing spree.

"Our first responsibility was to make sure the child was ok," says Lt. Steven Chaney.

A day later, detectives would find out much more about 33-year-old Timothy Haley and 23-year-old Elizabeth Carper.

"They both admitted to using drugs during the day yesterday (Tuesday)," says Lt. Chaney.

Smith Co. Sheriff's investigators say the Exxon on the Northeast Loop was the first place Haley and Carper hit, but their method of operation was essentially the same in every case.

Haley would go in and when the cashier was assisting someone else, he'd reach in and take off with the money. Just hours later ,about 2 a.m., investigators say Haley targeted the Kidd Jones in Lindale.

   Less than four hours after money was taken there, it was south on 69 to the Courtesy Mart, but this time, the clerk got a license number.

   The final stop was one in the afternoon at Katie's on the north Loop. But arresting Haley and Carper didn't end without some tense moments, the pair took Sheriff's on a chase, with speeds of up to 100 miles an hour, before Haley wrecked just feet from his house.

"They go off on these binges from what we understand of using their drugs and stuff and they basically isolate themselves from their family from what we are being told," says Lt. Chaney.

This isn't Haley's first brush with crime either, he's already been convicted of murder, specifically voluntary manslaughter in addition to theft, evading arrest and cocaine possession charges.

But this time, he put the safety of a little girl in jeopardy just to support a drug habit.