Law Enforcement Crackdown on Seatbelt Violators

A new program by law enforcement called "Click It Or Ticket", is aimed at getting the message of wearing seatbelts across. What is new is a "zero tolerance" policy of people not wearing their seatbelt. This enforcement program will begin on May 20th. What this means is that there will be no debate, no warning tickets, you will get a ticket for not wearing your seatbelt.

State troopers and Longview police will be patrolling areas of high traffic in an effort to get the number of Texans who wear their seatbelt from the current 76 percent, to 85 percent, which they say could save over two hundred lives each year. And if you still aren't convinced, remember that if you're stopped it could cost you between 100 and 200 dollars for not wearing your seatbelt. The program will be implemented periodically throughout the year and during holiday periods.