Woman Gets Help With Utility Pole

An East Texas woman who's power lines were cut and utility pole stolen from her home, is now getting help from fellow East Texans.  Since our story about Ann Dolley first aired, dozens of East Texans have called and e-mailed our station wanting to help.

Dolley was astounded when she discovered earlier this week that someone stole her utility pole and cut power to her Harrison County home.

"I still have a tremendous fear that there's an awful lot of bad people that keep on stealing, and if only there were some way to stop them all," said Dolley.  More than a hundred e-mails and phone calls came poring in from East Texans wanting to help.

"Its nice to know that so many people care," said Dolley.  Sunday, on his only day off, electrician Woody Trichell and his wife offered to replace Dolley's power lines and pole at no charge.

"We were watching the news and the weather and that came on, and it just made me angry," said Trichell.  "It was cold and sleeting and snowing, bad weather. and it just touched my heart."  They had seen Dolley's plight and decided no one should be without heat, or electricity in the winter.

"We couldn't believe it," said Trichell's wife Cloteal.  "I told him, 'it's sleeting and snowing outside'.  'How could somebody do that?'".

"I think they're the most wonderful people I've ever met," said Dolley.  "I just hope I can get to know them forever."  Trichell will gather materials and have Dolley's utility pole back up next Sunday.

"If somebody had done that to me, I would want some help," said Cloteal.  "You just don't sit back and wait for somebody else."  Dolley has one more thing she wanted to add.

"I do wish that I could just thank personally everybody that has called, or e-mailed I really do," said Dolley.  "It's nice to know there are so many wonderful people, and I just wish you were all family to me."  There have been a number of calls fromEeast Texans offering a place to stay. Dolley, however, is staying with neighbors while she waits for the utility pole to be replaced.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com