Hawkins Man Big Winner In Shreveport

The poker hand of a lifetime lands in the hands of an East Texas man, as a trip to Shreveport turns into a $200,000 dollar win.  KLTV 7 first told you about Hawkins native Mike Webb and his big win, Friday.  Saturday, Webb sat down with us and talked about his one hand of cards that turned out to be a monster winner at a Shreveport casino.

The 65 year old retired Hawkins resident was playing Caribbean Stud Poker at El Dorado Casino, Thursday, when he got the hand of a lifetime.

"The dealer turned over the hand and my wife screams, 'honey you won it, you won it alright,'" said Webb.  Webb says he was dealt a natural royal flush.  The odds of which are 663,000 to one.

"It was thrilling," said Webb.  "Everybody in the casino was coming around saying, oh I heard you won the big pot."

"I thought I was going to die," said Webb's wife Barbara.  "I thought my heart started racing, and I was screaming, and I was so excited and Mike was just stunned."  Webb's pay-off was a whopping $224,109.00.

"We play for fun and entertainment, but this gives a new definition to fun and entertainment," said Webb.  Webb and his wife are, needless to say, overwhelmed by the win.

"We were in shock for 30 minutes," said Barbara.  "It was the most amazing experience I've ever had."

"Its phenomenal," said Webb.   "I just couldn't believe it."  Mostly, the Webb's say they will use the winnings to help their children, and add it to their retirement fund, but of course, they'll never forget this trip.

"I feel like a winner," said Webb.  Barbara went on to win an additional $6,000 playing cards right after her husband's win.  The Webb's are now planning a trip to Las Vegas.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com