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Kid Finds Some Sort of Plastic In Bag Of Skittles

Skittles look harmless enough, and to kids, definitely good enough to eat, but as Laura Roberts found out, not as safe as she might have thought. 

"If it was a smaller child, then you know they could have really choked on something like that," says.

Laura is talking about a skittle her son almost swallowed, but not just any skittle.

Ten-year-old Landan says he tore open his Skittles packet, dumped a pile in his hand, and then popped them in his mouth, only to discover one of them had this plastic coating on it. 

"I felt something funny tickle my throat, like, it tried to get back down there so I coughed it up," Landan Roberts says.

"It really worried me...I didn't know if it could have been planted, or being a mom, your mind's going to think all these things and you just wanna make sure that it's okay and it's safe," she adds.

And make sure she did, contacting the company as soon as possible. They told her they'd send a package so she could send them the Skittle back. So far, that hasn't happened.

Friday, Mars Company told us, "We have already taken steps to ensure that the product in question is returned and evaluated by us. Since we are currently in the middle of this process, no conclusion has been reached at this time. Mars Snackfood US remains fully committed to providing our consumers with the highest quality products."

Laura says she understands mistakes happen, but she wants to warn all parents out there.

"Be a little bit more careful and cautious."

From now on, she says she'll be checking all of Landan's candy, especially before he grabs another bag of Skittles.

It is still unknown what exactly is covering the Skittle and how it got there, but Laura says she does believe it's some sort of plastic, probably from the wrapping.

Mars Candy Company says Laura can expect the package from them sometime soon.

Tracy Walter, Reporting

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