Man Maps All Of Anderson County; Helping Local Law Enforcement

Has this ever happened to you--you're all set to go some place, you look up the location on a map, but the road's not even on there! Well, we know it happens to us at KLTV and one Anderson County man, got so sick of it, he decided to do something about it.  So he turned his frustration and passion into something that's now helping law enforcement do their job better.

Working as an insurance agent, Tony Rohne does a lot of driving around. But after so many years of not being able to find roads on maps, he said 'enough is enough.'

"I felt like somebody needed to do it," he says.

So with steering wheel in one hand, and a GPS tracking device in the other, Tony drove the entire county of Anderson, up and down every county road, private road--you name it, he drove it.

"Every single one of them," he adds.

But he didn't just stop there, after tracking all the roads, even cemeteries, and historical markers, Tony put his work in print, creating a map book.

"I had run across so many places where there was no record of that road," he says.

And now there is, thanks to his book.  A book so detailed, the Anderson County Sheriff's Office has bought them for it's entire office.

"Every car and all my civil personnel, and my investigators have them, and dispatch," says Sheriff Greg Taylor.

He says it's the best map they've ever had, and ultimately, that means doing their job more effectively.

"This is a large county with a lot of roads, and with this, you can look it up real quick and get right to it, you can want to have as quick as response time as you can," Taylor adds.

Two years, a lot of gas money, and even more time, Tony says the benefits everybody now has make every mile all worthwhile.

"Everybody thought I was crazy, but now they love it."

You can purchase Tony's book "GPS Maps of Anderson County" for about $20, at Mary's Used Books, the Palestine Herald-Press, and Kim's convenient stores, all in Palestine.

Tracy Watler, Reporting