Ultimate Internal Antenna: "Does It Work?"

The Ultimate Internal Antenna is supposed to be the ultimate in cellular reception. Basically, it's a little adhesive sticker with some circuitry on it.

You put it inside your cell phone, behind the battery and it's supposed to improve reception, but does it work? We put the Ultimate Internal Antenna on two identical Nokia cell phones. Nokia, by the way is the brand shown on the front of the package of the ultimate internal antenna.

Next, we take the battery off one of the cell phones and place the adhesive antenna on the phone. Then we placed the battery back on the phone with the sticker inside just as the instructions state. We tested the phone with the adhesive antenna and an identical phone without one in the KLTV building.

On the first floor of the building the antenna indicators are at the maximum level. While walking down a flight of stairs to the basement of the building both phones went from a maximum of 4 antenna indicators down to zero.

In the station elevator, the one with the antenna booster didn't fair well. Not a single dot on the indicator. While the one without the booster, had two dots on it during the ride.

While in the elevator, phone calls were made on both phones. The one with the antenna booster was not too clear. It was breaking up and the person on the other line could not hear well. On the phone without the antenna booster the caller says the reception was much clearer.

When outside of the building both phones were turned on at the same time and had the same level of antenna at three notches. At that point, both phones were performing equally well. When making calls from both phones the caller says the quality was the same.

So after a tough and rigorous test the antenna booster provided no signal boost in the TV station basement, no added performance outside, and in the elevator it actually sounded worse. In this Does It Work test, we have to say "no".

'There are a couple of different brands in this same family of products, but the one we tested is the Ultimate Internal Antenna, priced anywhere between six and 20 dollars.