Mail Bomber Apprehended by the F.B.I.

Twenty-one-year-old Luke Helder has been arrested outside Reno. He was being sought in a string of pipe bombings in rural mailboxes in five states since Friday.

The bomber's latest victim was an Amarillo-man named Robert Martinez. Investigators say Martinez opened his mail-box Monday afternoon, and discovered a pipe bomb with a note attached.  Fortunately, the Amarillo bomb did not detonate.

Earlier today ther was some thought that the bomber was headed this way.  East Texas authorities are alert, but they're not speculating on where the bomber is heading next.

"If you look at Colorado, Amarillo, and you draw a line it heads toward East Texas," said Alexander. However, whose to say this bomber won't take a right, won't take a left... It's just hard to say. He may make a u-turn and go back north."

Most mail boxes were still closed in East Texas Tuesday. But with the mail bomber search now in West Texas, some East Texans are more concerned about opening their mail boxes.

"My kids will no longer check the mailbox, said Kay Scott, a Whitehouse resident. "And I will start leaving the lid open."