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07/02/08 - Tyler

Gift of Love: Marquice, Janice and Charlene

Spending an afternoon at the Discovery Science Place in Tyler is a special day for these siblings. "Because today I get to play with my sisters and I've been away from them a long time," says 9 year old Marquice.

Marquice and his two sisters, Janice and Charlene, don't get to see each other much since being split up in separate foster homes two years ago. "I love to be with my brother," says Janice.

"Every time they see each other it's like they're seeing each other for the first time. They love on each other. They are very bonded to one another and very concerned about one another," says Nikki Payne, Child Protective Services caseworker.

They were removed because of neglect as a result of domestic violence and drug use in the home. Nikki says, "With counseling, they can get over it and move on. They're very resilient. "

Marquice is the oldest. He's a bright boy who does well in school.  He also enjoys sports. "I play quarterback and running back"  Nikki adds, "He runs track and he brags that he's the fastest in the 2nd grade."

Spinning the wheel of a make-believe ship Janice yells out, "I'm a pirate, arrrrrgh captain." She's the outgoing one of the bunch. She's 7 and never meets a stranger. She enjoys going to school. "I get A's and B's," she says when asked about her favorite class.

Janice currently lives with her little sister, 5 year old Charlene. The two like cheerleading, dance and of course "playing with barbies," they say.

Although Charlene can be quite, she's not shy around the camera grinning ear to ear into the lens.

These three children would do best with a patient and nurturing family willing to keep them involved in church and extracurricular activities. They will keep you busy but they will also make you proud.  Nikki says, "Those kids, they can do anything, anything is a possibility for them!"

For more about this sibling group call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, Reporting 

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