Tyler Builders Solve Growing Pains at Boys Ranch

Azleway Boys' Ranch in Chapel Hill has raised hundreds of neglected and abused boys since its inception.

The organization has become so successful they've run out of room, but Tyler Area Builders' Association has a solution to Azleway's growing pains. They're helping the ranch build two new cottages for residents. The framing for the first cottage was pieced together Monday.

When finished in July, ten kids will be able to move in. Plans for a second cottage are in the works as the association and Azleway continue raising money.Mike Schovaneck, president of the TABA said the organization's members enjoyed using their construction expertise for a good cause.

"They're (the boys) are really excited right," said Schovaneck. "Just seeing them go up there, to this brand new building, and you know their already planning where they're beds are going to go."

The Builder's Association raised $40,000 for the project and decreased the bill by half using their own construction materials and some volunteer labor.

The ranch, however, is still accepting donations to complete the project.

If you'd like to make a donation for the boy's new cottages, you can call,566-8444, ext. 12.