Good Morning America: How The Show Comes Together

"Good Things", as the show goes, don't just happen. Not by themselves.

It's 3:45 Wednesday morning and this show is on the road, setting up in front of Houston's city hall. The middle of a trip that zig-zags across the country.

Jet lag is evident as it's a very early crew call for everyone. Sound techs, and a little Texas barbecue... waiting for Charlie and Diane. Not to mention hundreds of people...growing to over a thousand by the time they show up, like rock stars.

Before the tally lights shine, fans squeeze in a quick autograph from their favorite morning team. But time is short. Diane's on the air before the show... telling viewers what's to come. And of course... The final finishing touches of makeup and hair.

You can't see it on the air, but we all wear little earphones on the air... so those behind the scenes can tell us what's next. That this live show might go off like clockwork.

As the show starts, it's so loud you can hardly hear Charlie and Diane. Folks who got up early, wanted to be part of the morning ritual for millions of Americans. Charlie and Diane are deep in the heart of texas waking up America and as the sun rises--it's a mad dash on set. Crews scramble from shot to shot.

GMA is serious news for the morning... and this day a chance to show off Texas to the nation. Hundreds wait to get something for the scrapbook (an autograph)... a few are lucky.

One fan, Kristin, says: "We watch them every morning... kinda feel like they're part of the family." But in this show, timed to the second, often there's just no time for everyone to get a signature.


Tuesday and Wednesday on Daybreak and at 5pm... Jennifer Brice and Morgan Palmer speak to Charlie and Diane about what life is like at Good Morning America.