Children Can Suffer Strokes Too

Stokes know no age limitiations.  Martha Phillips, a mom of three, knows that all too well. When martha's son Ty was only 19 months old she knew something was wrong with him. "I laid my hands across his face and I could feel his face jerking and I knew I was in trouble." Ty's family raced to the hospital and doctors did catscans and M.R.I.'s. After four days in the hospital, and after Ty suffered a siezure for over 50 minutes, doctors determined Ty had a stroke. Ty has a genetic disposition called "Factor V Lidden". His mother is a carrier of the disorder and it makes your blood clot more than normal. As a result of the genetic disorder Ty had a stroke. Martha says after she heard the news denial and fear set in. "The immediate feelings after that he will never run he will never walk he'll never play like other children he will be different ," says Martha but today 11 months later Ty is doing just fine. Ty did suffer brain damage from the stroke but it hasn't kept this little slugger down. Ty couldn't talk or swallow food, but after months of therapy he's eating and talking. His family says the credit all goes to Ty for the swift recovery. "He deserves a lot of credit for everything he has done . He's done it, it's him," says Mom.