Spiderman Movie Comic Book Giveaway

The latest super comic book hero to go to the big screen is drawing a rush of moviegoers to theaters.

Spiderman, the friendly neighborhood webslinger, looks to be another comic book to film smash hit. For local business owners, like Alan Busche who deals in comics, it could be a big benefit.

As part of the promotional blitz, Busche was giving away free marvel comics to customers, including a new Spiderman. The new games based on comic book heroes are also being marketed. With so much publicity connected to the Spiderman movie, its sure to be a hit. People connected with the comic book industry are hoping it will bring a whole new generation to read the comic.

Lawana Pond is a longtime reader of marvel comics and Spiderman fan,  hasn't seen the new spidey movie, but came to get the free comics to pass on to her sons and maybe bring back and renewed interest in comics.