UT-Tyler Renews Journalism Advisor's Contract

Administrators at UT-Tyler say Vanessa Curry will return as newspaper advisor next year, after all.

The decision follows a much heated debate that developed when UT-Tyler administrators chose not to renew Curry's contract last month. Curry felt her contract was jeopardized because administrators disagreed with her students "aggressive reporting" practices.

UT President Rodney Mabry says the issue was never about "freedom of the press, or the students' reporting practices. Mabry added that administrators and Curry were able to resolve their issues after a long meeting.

"We were able to all just sit down and talk about it," said Curry Saturday. "We talk about the situation, the university, the students and their goals, as well as the the newspaper and what it's purpose is."

Curry will work with a new publications advisory board that will develop policies and select a new newspaper editor.