Longview Police Chase Accident

A Gregg County deputy crashed his patrol unit into another vehicle as he joined the chase for 2 men evading arrest.

Sheriffs had been trying to catch a man who had evaded them for twodays on charges of violation of probation

But in the end, sheriffs took both men into custody. 22 year old Roderick George was arraigned late Friday afternoon in Judge B.H. Jameson's courtroom on probation violation and fleeing arrest.

The man who helped him in his flight, 21 year old Cederick George was also arraigned on fleeing charges. Sheriffs had tried to catch George Thursday at a Longview apartment, but he escaped on foot.

Around 11 a.m. Friday, George was spotted by a deputy at an intersection hiding in the back seat of a car driven by Harris and the chase began. A few minutes after the accident the pair were captured in a foot chase off Page road.