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Toll Roads Discussed By TXDOT Director

     State transportation officials are trying to ease the fears over a proposed toll roads through East Texas. State officials say the toll-roads, like the proposed Trans-Texas corridor,  are essential to maintaining roads and creating state revenue.  The Trans Texas corridor would crisscross the state with up to a quarter-mile-wide stretch of toll roads, rail line and pipeline and utility lines. The cost of the project is estimated at nearly $200 billion dollars.  

    "A lot of these roads around here were built in the 40', 50's they have to be maintained and you see us out there working on them almost every day and that's a big cost so if these tolls can help offset those costs so we can use that state gas tax for other purposes for building roads and maintaining and maybe a higher level of service" said Texas Department of Transportation executive director, Steve Simmons.   

    Simmons is on a tour of Texas communities that are effected by TXDOT road maintenance and toll roads.

    Bob Hallmark, Reporting     

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