A Soldier Is Behind Bars, Accused Of Abusing His 4 Month Old Son

Taking a photograph of from her coat pocket, Army Specialist John Welborn's wife described her son, 4-month-old, Baby Marcus.   "He's a very good baby.   He doesn't cry a lot," she said.  "Just when he wants a bottle, or his diaper changed."

Baby Marcus's mother didn't want to be identified, but she said she couldn't believe what happened to her son just a day ago.  "[John] came and picked me up from work and took me home to go get something to eat.  When I went to get the baby out of the car seat, I saw a hand print across his face," she said.  She said she then confronted Welborn about the marks.  "He said he had hit the coffee table, and I didn't believe him and I called the police chief," she said.

Her husband and Baby Marcus's father is now being charged with injuring his own son--their first child together.   Welborn's wife said when Baby Marcus was born, Welborn was really happy and excited.  But then there was a change, he said.

Van Zandt County Sheriff Investigator, Kenneth Martin said deputies arrived on scene, noticed Baby Marcus' bruises, and identified John Welborn as the suspect.

"Mr. Welborn cooperated with investigators, provided a statement and did advise that he had become frustrated and struck the child," said Martin.  It was a situation Welborn's wife strongly feels is the result of his service in Iraq.  "He was a very nice, considerate person before he left, but when he got back, he totally changed," she said.  "A lot of the soldiers need a lot of counseling before they get back into the real world, and he didn't get that, and we think that's the problem."

And now she's hoping her husband and family can soon return to normal.

Since the incident, Welborn's wife said a restraining order has been filed against Welborn.  Baby Marcus was treated at Cozby-Germany hospital in Grand Saline and was released Wednesday morning.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.  llivingston@kltv.com