Seeing Is Believing - You Can Throw Those Bifocals Away For GOOD!

Evelyn Reynolds hates her glasses, but can't see anything up close without them. So when she heard a procedure could correct farsightedness she knew she wanted to get it, no matter what the cost. And it does cost a lot, about $1000 per eye.

"I just thought if I could have this done and never have to wear glasses again I am going to be a very happy lady ," Reynolds said.

So what is this new procedure? It's called conductive keratoplasty or CK. It was just approved by the FDA and in clinical trials it was found completely safe. The procedure uses radio waves to reshape your cornea. Your cornea changes as you get older and that shape change makes some people become farsighted. These radio waves fix that problem by restoring your vision. The other benefit of this procedure is that it requires no cutting and no lasers. Nothing ever touches the eye - only radio waves go through it and that makes this procedure pretty safe and a huge selling point for Mrs. Reynolds.

"There was no danger of me losing my sight and I won't ever have to wear these (glasses) again," says Reynolds.

Dr. Glenn Strauss of Heaton Eye Associates is the first doctor in Texas certified to perform CK. He uses a foot pump to distribute the radio waves through a probe. Dr. Strauss then moves the probe backward and forward across they eye and with in a few minutes, about six to do both eyes, your farsightedness is gone.

"The improvement that they get is almost immediate so they are back to work the next day," says Dr. Strauss.

Evelyn said after the procedure she cold see better, but her eyes were watery and a bit scratchy for about 24 hours. But once that temporary side effect was gone she could see perfectly without glasses.

Dr. Strauss reminds all his patients that the procedure does not reverse the aging process, just the farsightedness, and that basically means as you continue to age, your cornea will change shape and your farsightedness can return - but you wouldn't need to get the procedure done again - just and enhancement which costs about $250 dollars per eye.

One other thing you need to know, the CK is only available to people over 40 who only suffer from farsightedness as a result of getting older. About 60 million people over 40 suffer from farsightedness.