Squirrel Knocks Out Power In Big Sandy And Winona

"Unfortunately the squirrel caused all this," said Wayne Weese, Big Sandy Mayor.

You heard right. One little squirrel caused a big problem for residents of Big Sandy and Winona. The rodent reportedly climbed onto some equipment in SWEPCO's Big Sandy substation, knocking out some circuits.

Left in the dark and without water, both schools canceled classes.

"If you've been in our buildings you know any interior classroom was totally void of any lights so it was very disruptive to the school environment," said Wiley Vonner, Winona ISD Superintendent.  "Compound that with the fact the city can not supply us with water because the pumps are powered by electricity."

"Here at the school we debated about closing or not closing but SWEPCO had requested we start cutting back on power," said Weese.

For Winona students, lights went out in the middle of mid-terms.

"Today was day one of semester examinations," said Vonner.  "I think we got, for the most part, one exam completed so we'll have to alter our testing schedule to make sure that all kids have adequate time to get all the tests complete."

An extra day to study-up for those tests, which will resume first thing Thursday morning. SWEPCO finished repairs Wednesday evening. It will be back to school as normal Thursday for both Big Sandy and Winona students.

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com