New Insulin Helps Diabetic Kids Live Normal Life

When you're a diabetic, there is a lot to do to keep your blood sugars in control. It's especially difficult for diabetic children. And poor blood sugar control can have long-lasting complications. But now, a recently approved insulin is making life easier for young, type one diabetics. Six year old Devon just wants to be a kid.  But as a diabetic, she has a lot to think about. "I have to check my blood and take my insulin." Humalog, a fast acting insulin, makes Devon's life easier. Pediatric Endocrinologist, Paul Desrosiers say Humalog works within two times faster than regular insulin. This allows the diabetic to eat without waiting. "Tell a 3 year old they have to wait an hour before they eat. It doesn't work good." Humalog allows diabetics to eat what they want, when they want. Humalog also better controls the diabetic highs that can cause future complications. Another benefit of Humalog is it can be given before or after a meal. This is especially beneficial with young children because you never know how much or what they are going to eat.