Burned Body Positively Identified as Missing Canton Woman

The break in the murder investigation of Sharon Dejaro Ragland first came Wednesday when some Dallas County school children discovered the badly burned body of a woman.

Dallas County Sheriff's investigators quickly notified Canton Police because of some similarities in the body and the woman East Texas authorities were looking for.

Canton Police learned early Thursday afternoon that Sharon Dejaro Raglund's dental records match those of the burned body found near Lancaster. Her ex-husband and the suspect in the murder still isn't talking to Canton Police, but blood was found in his truck when he was arrested not far from the area where the body was found.

"The body had been there a couple 2-3 days, we could best determine. The body was burned beyond recognition and there were four to five 9 m.m. casings found around the body and there was at least one gunshot wound to the head."

No murder weapon was recovered from the scene.

At first, police weren't convinced the body would be that of Sharon Dejaro Ragland because of the gunshot wound. The crime scene at Sharon's Canton home lead investigators to believe blunt force trauma killed the Canton woman. Now police plan to go back to Barry Ragland on Friday to see if he wants to talk, now that Sharon's body has been recovered.

Barry Ragland is still in the Van Zandt County Jail on $250,000 bond. Now Canton Police plan on searching for a murder weapon. They'll get with the ATF to see if their suspect, Barry Ragland, owned a 9 m.m. gun, or if Sharon herself had a gun that could be used in the murder.