Smith County Restaurants Where Inspectors Found Problems

Little Italy at 3320 S. Broadway in Tyler was inspected April 10th.  Veal at tested at 52ºF, butter at 54ºF, cheese at 55-60ºF - none of them within required temperature ranges.

Brenda Elrod of the Smith County Public Health District says, "Temperature is critical to food safety. You must keep hot foods hot, 140F or hotter and cold foods cold 41F or below. If they're in between those two temperatures, bacteria can and does grow and survive, and we can make people sick."

Also among the violations, food pans were being washed in the food prep sink. And, hand-washed dishes were not being properly sanitized. Little Italy's score: an 82.

On a recheck April 11, repairs had been done on the cooling unit. No score given on that recheck.

Swinney Hollow Cafe at 100 Main St. in Arp was inspected April 12th. The reach-in cooler was tested at 52-58ºF, should be 41ºF or below.  Fish at 139ºF, baked potatoes at 118ºF - should be 140ºF or hotter. Unapproved items were stored in hand sink. The score... an 84.

On a recheck April 16th, the refrigerator was tested at 48ºF and the reach-in cooler at 46ºF - all should be 41ºF or below. Food build-up on slicer. The score a 92. Another health department recheck is pending.

D's Royal Coffee Shop at 710 E. Front in Tyler was inspected March 28th. Mayonnaise was at 70ºF - should be 41ºF or below.  It was thrown out. Handwashing facilities were deemed inadequate, and soap was needed in the mens' restroom.  Plus, mouse droppings were found behind the stove... and thermometers were needed. The score: an 83. A recheck has been scheduled for early June.

Paco's at 2610 S. Main in Lindale was inspected April 4th. The inspector noted inadequate cool-down methods for some hot foods, prior to going in a cooler.

Brenda Elrod: "A very good trick for cooling down large quantities of food quickly is submerge a container of food in an ice bath, that way you drop the temperature of the food quickly which makes it safe, but it also makes it taste better because it stops the cooking process."

Chicken was being stored in the walk-in cooler at 52-55ºF... should be 41ºF or below. Self-service ice cream was at 52-53ºF... should also be 41ºF or below. And food prep area needs to be cleaned of grease and food debris. Paco's score: 83. On recheck April 8, thorough cleanup and painting was completed in the food prep area. And, the ice cream machine was discarded on that recheck ... no score was given.