Divers Search Creek for Man Missing for Seven Weeks

The search for Harold Mims for weeks was focused on Cypress Creek.  It runs through a part of Upshur County, East of Gilmer.

No one lives nearby who might have heard a crash. Investigators believe, on a stormy night March 11th, Mims was heading home and drove off the bridge.

Wayne Young, an investigator with the Upshur County Sheriff's Department says the search continue, but hopes are slim that Mims will be found alive.

"With the current like it was at that time, if he was disoriented coming out of the vehicle, he'd have a slim chance," Young said.

Divers from the A.L.E.R.T. rescue group from Big Sandy found the truck Wednesday, in 15 feet of water.   The creek had been flooded for weeks, and too dangerous for divers.

It's a search that is still dangerous-- water moccasins swim by constantly.  The entire bottom land area is huge, and was all flooded.

"It could spread out here for a mile or better." said Young.

There are no other leads, so searchers say they're working quickly to bring an end to a family's long wait.