Drowned Body Found At Lake Palestine

It was shortly after seven Thursday morning when a couple fishing along the shoreline of Lake Palestine when they saw the body of Eric Tyson Coleman surface.

At the same time, game wardens were there continuing to drag the lake--like they had been for the last several days. Tuesday afternoon Coleman and his girlfriend were on a pontoon boat headed out to the lake during some dangerous and windy conditions; Coleman had jumped from the boat.

It's those conditions that wardens say is probably the reason he was separated from his boat when he jumped into the water, "Family said he was a a good swimmer," explains Warden Mueller. "But, when your out there in 30 feet of water even the best swimmer can get into trouble."

Coleman's family will take him back to Amarillo for funeral services. Game wardens suggest people check for wind advisories before heading out to the lake and especially before swimming.