Missing Woman's Family Shares Memories

The family of Sharon Dejaro Ragland gathered at her Canton home Wednesday night. They wanted to tell East Texans about the woman they have lost. The supportive sister, proud mother, and grandmother who loved spending time with her grandchildren.

Sharon's daughter, Ersula Cole, came in from West Virginia. "She couldn't give her grandchildren materialistic things, because she didn't have them. But, she wasn't materialistic anyways. But she would just give them everything she could."

Sharon's family insists, she was not attempting to reconcile with her husband Barry Ragland. Her children say she was afraid of the man now charged with her murder.

Police have searched for her body for the last week with no success. Sharon's sister, Theresa Hardwick says the uncertainty is taking it's toll. "It's a horrible thing to go through, especially when you don't know what's happened."

Sharon was the one the family leaned on most. The one who always came through in difficult times. Hardwick has been battling cancer for the last six months. She says Sharon came over every weekend to help and offer support. "She talked to me about her spirituality and stuff. And I was angry. I was this, I was that. She's talked me through some hard stuff this last six months. Sometimes I don't know what I would have done without her."

A memorial service has been planned for Friday at 7PM. It will be held at the World of Victory Outreach Center on College Street in Canton.