TEA Changes Policy on Junk Food in Schools

Like school and homework, kids and junk food go together. At many schools, students have the option of buying food from vending machines to go along with lunch, or in some cases, to replace lunch. However, the texas education agency is clarifying its policy that will force some schools to remove certain snack foods from eating areas completely.

The policy deals with so-called "foods of minimal nutritional value," and includes things like carbonated sodas, gum, and some kinds of candies.

Tyler Independent School District Director of Food Services Judy Richter says this policy addresses a very real problem. "Today we're seeing a lot of obesity in children, children are not as active as they used to be, we have computers, we're on computer games...we're not out running, we're not consuming those calories."

The snack foods may still be available, but they will no longer be sold anywhere students are allowed to eat. The Texas Education Agency hopes this will teach kids to eat a healthier diet now, and as adults.