AB Energizer: Does It Work?

The AB Energizer is billed as an easy, no sweat ticket to a washboard stomach--with results in as little as four to six weeks.

We gave one to Gigi Latson who agreed to put the AB Energizer to the test. Gigi's in great shape, but gave birth just 6 months ago. So she'll be the first to tell you, her tummy isn't quite what it was before children. "I've had 3 in 7 years. But after the first baby they've never been as tight as they were before."

The AB Energizer comes with a special gel that assures good contact between the belt's electronics and your body. When she first put it on she said she felt little pulses on her stomach. We cranked it up a couple of notches. "Now that is almost a little painful...like little pinching on the front of my stomach." Gigi said she could feel her muscles contracting a little bit, but nothing like the pulsating abs we saw on the commercials. The box says "get up to 700 multiple ab contractions in minutes." If muscles are moving, then they must be growing stronger, right? "It kind of makes sense what they're saying," says Gigi. "But you know, I doubt it. I'll be anxious to find out."

We caught up with Gigi 4 weeks later at aerobics class. And did we mention she's an instructor? If anyone ever did their part to help the AB Energizer do its job, it's Gigi, who makes crunches part of her routine. How did it do? "Well, I did it twice a day for 10 minutes and it didn't work." Gigi admits she stopped a few days short of the 4 week goal, but only because it was starting to hurt. She says it was doing absolutely "no good" even after she started using it at the highest setting. "I went the full effect. It just kind of hurt. It was painful, but not from an exercise standpoint. Just on my skin. Just felt like someone was sticking it with a needle or something. But it wasn't in the muscular type anything."

The company claims the AB Energizer works if used correctly, and that the technology has been used in higher voltage for about 30 years. But our volunteer says it didn't work for her. So if the desired result is a six pack belly. Put that six pack down and start crunchin'. Does it work? Our volunteer says, at least in her case..."ab-solutely not". The AB Energizer retails for about 60 dollars and comes with an extra--what the company calls a dietary supplement that contains ephedrine... very common in diet pills. It's an effort to increase your metabolic rate. Gigi did not take them because she said they aren't good for you and she's still nursing. But she did do what she believes is an above average amount of exercise and maintained a diet that would be the envy of most of us.