Band of Burglars Arrested in Smith County

Investigators solve twenty burglary cases by following just one clue.

The burglars were 21-year old Gabrieilyn Landon Wallace, 18-year old Rikki Demond Thompson, and 20-year old Tierra Lesele Johnson. The men were caught when two of them tried to pawn stolen firearms at Lock & Load Indoor Shooting Range in Tyler. The store's manager checked serial numbers on the two guns and discovered they were stolen.

The first two suspects were apprehended at the gun store. Upon further investigation, authorities arrested the third man.

Smith County authorities started returning property to the burglars' victims Tuesday afternoon. They say the break in the case came from the gun store,and one family who recorded all their serial numbers.

"My understanding is that the key to getting these people arrested were serial numbers that we had taken and put away in a safe place many years ago," said Lindale High School Teacher Gayle Epperson.

Gayle, who was robbed April 19th, recovered a stolen television, karoake machine, and camcorder, Tuesday. But, she says a camcorder tape with pictures of her daughter's gymnastics meet are still missing, and those are irreplaceable.

The Smith County Sheriff's office worked alongside Constable Dennis Taylor and Tyler Police Department to make the arrest.

It's possible the men are connected to other home burglaries, said Captain Mike Lusk with the sheriff's department.