Forest Park Middle School Student Put In Suspension Because Of Hair Color

Every morning 14-year-old Kymiah Carter fixes her hair before she goes to Forest Park Middle school. But this particular morning,she was sent to ISS and when her mother asked why, the school gave her this reason. "Because her hair is drawing a distraction to the class, they said the class can't learn, because her hair color. I don't believe that's so," said Debbie Harris concerned mother. Harris says she never saw any rule in the Longview ISD Code of Conduct rules pertaining to hair color so, we asked Longview ISD if there is such a rule.

"Currently in the ISD Code of Conduct ,it does not specifically state problems with hair," we leave it up to each campus to have their own campus code of conduct, that is where it is included in the Forest park code of conduct," said Longview ISD public information officer Brian Bowman.

In the Forest Park Code of Conduct it states that student's can't have "outlandish" or "two colored-hair". In Kymiah's case her mother says school officials told her her hair was pink and in order to be in class, she'd have to change it or be in ISS. "You would think you're getting a phone call saying your child has been in a fight, or was rude to a teacher, not because your child's hair is a different color. She goes to school to learn. It's all about her grades, her conduct, and what she brings home. When it comes down to material things, I don't think it's worth it," said Harris.

Longview ISD tells KLTV within the next 24 hours, it will be reviewing both the Longview ISD "code of conduct" and "Forest Park" middle school policies to see if something needs to be changed.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting