Family Of 8 Loses Home To Fire

Their photo albums are now charred and singed, but they're still full of memories.  Printiss and Chiketa Dorsey looked through burned photos of relatives and friends Tuesday morning.  The photos and a few trinkets are all that was left behind from the house fire that destroyed their home Monday night.

The Dorsey's were able to salvage a few other keepsakes:  a wedding ring, a bracelet given on Father's Day, but not much else.  Last night the couple, their five kids, and a niece who lived in the home were inside, unaware of the fire that sparked on the back corner of the house.

"They came running [saying] the house is on fire," said Printiss Dorsey.  "I jumped up, ran to the back room and I could see the fire from my son's window."

The fire spread quickly.  Dorsey said when he went outside, he saw the back corner of his family's home for nearly three years completely engulfed in flames.

"Just coming up the driveway, you're used to seeing a house right there," he said.  "We came up this morning, and it knocks a hole in your stomach."

It was the first place the family of eight really called home--the family is now scattered across East Texas.

"My youngest ones are with an older niece, my two oldest daughters, they're with my mother in Marshall," said Chiketa Dorsey.

The niece that lives with her is now living with a friend, and her youngest daughter is with her father she said.

They're separated, but still thankful.

Kids are not replaceable, and family is not replaceable," she said.

And they're looking forward to large-family life as usual.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.