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01/15/08- Tyler

Bellwood Lake Development Plan Delayed

It's been a long and controversial plan to develop one of Tyler's historic lake areas. Tuesday, concerned residents packed City Hall to question the proposed development of hundreds of acres of land around Bellwood Lake. The lake is owned by the Tyler Water Utilities and is a valuable resource.

One developer wants to build a hotel on a 27-acre plot of land. Yet residents of "The Cascades" do not want it to be zoned as a commercial area. While they're not against development, residents said they do want to ensure the park, nature trails, and historic dam are preserved and protected.

"The real reason that we're here is to try to protect this treasure that Tyler has," said Steve Braley, President of The Cascades.  "One of the ladies that spoke today referred to it as Tyler's version of Central Park. I can see it being Tyler's version of the River Walk in San Antonio and it would be quite a shame if we lost it."

"I'd be a little bit puzzled if the residents would not fully endorse a 4-star hotel for Tyler, Texas that would also protect the shoreline of Bellwood Lake," said C.C. Baker, developer.  

The Planning and Zoning Commission decided to delay their decision for another 30 days. That will allow the city to do more research and get more public input.

Courtney Lane, Reporting

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