Palestine I.S.D. Teacher on a Paid Suspension

Myra Barrett says school is supposed to be a safe place, "My son said that the teacher got the chair from behind and flipped it over". This is her description of what her 16-year old son says happened after he and his math teacher got into a disagreement during class. "And before he could get up, he kicked him in his leg," Barrett continues.

Barrett's son, Aaron attends the Rusk P.S.I. alternative school in Palestine. His teacher, James Crawford is now on a paid suspension with police investigating the allegations. Detective Larry Mars of the Palestine Police Department says there were several witnesses in the classroom at the time of the incident, "There's no question that the student wound up on the floor of the classroom," Mars explains. "At issue is how did he wound up there because there is the difference of the statement and the information provided."

While Myra says she just want answers and hopes her son can continue being safe in class.  Police believe the case will be wrapped up with in a weeks time. That's when the case will be sent to the district attorney's office and a grand jury and will determine whether there will be an indictment and charges filed.